the double cleanse

At Dermalogica, we believe that cleansing the skin properly delivers immediate skin care benefits and is an integral part of whole-body health. For that, we created the Dermalogica Double Cleanse, a method that thoroughly cleanses skin while keeping it balanced.

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how to double cleanse

double cleansing image dissolve oil based debris

dissolve oil-based debris

Start by using an oil-based cleanser. It removes make-up, environmental pollutants, and toxins that accumulate on the skin daily. This first cleanse deep cleans without clogging pores or compromising the skin’s natural lipid barrier.

Our top pick: precleanse

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gently cleanse away remaining toxins

Our studies show that one cleanse just isn’t enough, and debris left behind can result in congestion, breakouts, and dehydration. As a second cleanse, use a gel-based, cream-based, or foaming wash that's compatible with your skin type to ensure you can thoroughly remove residue while addressing your skin's needs.

Our top pick: special cleansing gel

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