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social impact

social impact

Dermalogica develops women's skills so they can unleash their potential.

empowering women entrepreneurs around the world

As a company founded by a woman entrepreneur in an industry where more women own their own businesses than any other, we know firsthand the power of education and skills training to transform women from job seekers to job creators. We see it daily in the 100,000+ skin therapists we’ve trained, and in the women we sponsor worldwide

FITE business accelerator

Our FITE (Financial Independence Through Education) Business Accelerator is an online entrepreneurship course that empowers skin therapists with the tools they need to grow hands-on skills into a thriving business.

Start building your skills with the FITE Business Accelerator today!

what we've done so far

education and career training

  • Educate and train more than 100,000 skin therapists per year, offering classes in business skills, marketing, and more.
  • Offer mentorships and scholarships to new PSTs through organizations such as Beauty Changes Lives, which aims to empower the next generation of beauty professionals.
  • Trained 100,000+ professional skin therapists in more than 80 countries.
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mentorships and scholarships

  • Offer mentorships and scholarships to new PSTs through organizations such as Beauty Changes Lives, which aims to empower the next generation of beauty professionals.
  • Funded loans to 103,071+ women entrepreneurs to start or grow their business.

community support

  • Advocate for and support skill-based training in marginalized communities, through custom programs such as our Coffee Creek Correctional Facility Advanced Cosmetology program.
  • Supported other educational and skill-based organizations such as She’s the First, which helps put young women through school; Downtown Women’s Center, which supports homeless and formerly homeless women with job skills training; and Justice & Soul, which provides cosmetology training to victims of sex trafficking
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our commitment to diversity and inclusion

  • Established a D&I taskforce that works in collaboration with our employee base to foster a company culture that is diverse and inclusive of all, through internal programing and community outreach.
  • Hired a Diversity and Inclusion expert to equip our leadership and management teams with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure equity, diversity, and inclusion are at the center of what we do.
  • Developed 7 strategic goals in commemoration of the July 7th Blackout Day, to demonstrate our corporate commitment to enacting positive change both at our corporate HQ and in the communities we serve.
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our social impact task force goals:

We have developed a task force that will spearhead our diversity and inclusion efforts. The team is a dedicated resource for our employees, who work in collaboration to achieve the following companywide goals:

  1. Foster a diverse and inclusive work environment through facilitating companywide D&I trainings, hosting cultural awareness events, and being an accessible resource to all to enact change.
  2. Collaborate with diversity experts to provide extensive D&I education for leadership and management, ensuring diversity and inclusion are a part of our brand fabric.
  3. Empower and provide educational upskilling to underrepresented entrepreneurs, especially those within the skin care industry.
  4. Build relationships with local non-profit organizations to give back to Dermalogica’s surrounding community.
  5. Offer business support to PSTs from underrepresented communities, thus ensuring Dermalogica is an accessible brand to all.
  6. Increase representation through diverse social media content and brand partnerships.
  7. Diversify our vendors to support small BIPOC owned businesses.

our partners

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she's the first

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downtown women's center

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