When a person has a skillset, they can own their future. Dermalogica was built on this principle, and we see it today through the 100,000 skin therapists we train each year.

Since 2019, Dermalogica has supported the cosmetology program at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility with advanced training, products, and equipment. By integrating skillset training with human touch, we nurture successful careers and build caring communities.

Industry training, connection, and human touch shape futures at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility.

Through touch, Kristina helps her community feel human again.

Learning a skill has shown Maddi she's capable of anything.

Through her skin care business, Kim forges deep connections with clients and her community.

the power of touch

Studies show that touch can help regulate our mood and relieve stress and anxiety. In what the US Surgeon General has declared an “epidemic of loneliness” we proudly support an industry that has a unique ability to connect with other human beings.

“You can not separate our profession from our human touch and connection – our hearts are quite literally in our hands.” – Jane Wurwand


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Dermalogica partners with non-profit organizations that support skillset training in the professional skincare and cosmetology industry. Tell us about an organization that is doing good work and they may be eligible for a grant from Dermalogica.