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pro skin treatment

professional skin treatments

Get the best skin you've ever had with our customizable skin treatment. May include enhanced treatment modalities such as exfoliating Hydra Dermabrasion, LED light therapy and deep treatment with professional-grade actives.

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pro skin treatment

key benefits

  1. Get your best, healthiest skin
  2. 30-minute express treatment
  3. 60-minute comprehensive treatment

professional exfoliation

Whether you have sensitive skin or want to deeply resurface skin, we can design and blend the perfect exfoliation solution for you.

pro skin treatment
pro skin treatment

extractions & massage

Depending on your skin needs today, extractions and/or massages paired in professional actives will be included in your skin treatment.

pro skin treatment
pro skin treatment

masque & serum

Tailored masques and professional serums are applied, sometimes paired with micro current or LED light therapy to increase penetration.

pro skin treatment
pro skin treatment
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Discover the ‘why’ behind what your skin is showing you and let a Professional Skin Therapist help you navigate getting it back on track in a way that fits your lifestyle and schedule. If you don’t know where to start – start here for better skin, now.

need help?

Face Mapping

Get a free personalized skin analysis and realize your skin goals, find products that work for you, and reveal underlying skin conditions.

Need skin care advice?

Our Professional Skin Therapists are ready to give you a personalized skin analysis and recommendation. Chat with a skin therapist today.

your safety is our top priority
When you see the Dermalogica Clean Touch Certified seal, you can rest assured that your skin treatment is clean and safe. Dermalogica Clean Touch Certified skin therapists are trained to uphold our professional-grade standards of safety and sanitation.