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acne + breakouts

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Everything you need to know about acne scarring

including how to treat it. 
everything you need to know about acne scarring
Acne + breakouts
Teen acne

Arguably just as infuriating as acne itself, acne scarring can come in many shapes, sizes and forms
as in, it's not typically to see just one rolling scar. Instead, rolling scars almost look like rolling hills or waves in the ocean, with one depression fading into the next. Rolling scars often form after long-term inflammatory acne.

Similar to icepick scars, you'll want to seek out input from your dermatologist, who will likely recommend a series of treatments such as lasers, peels or the injection of facial fillers.

5: boxcar scars

These square-shaped depressions (hence their name) often form after deep, inflamed papules and pustules clear up. Unlike rolling scars, which appear as soft grooves on the skin, boxcar scars have distinct edges, and they typically develop in a rectangular shape just like, you guess it, a box.

Boxcar scars are severe, and you will need professional help to fully heal them. Your dermatologist will likely recommend a combination of laser resurfacing treatments and fillers, which can be injected directly into the boxcar scar to raise the skin back to an even level.

Acne + breakouts
Teen acne