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power of pro skin: aging guide

fine lines + wrinkles

Collagen & Elastin are the spring and bounce to our skin. As we age, we lose collagen at about 1% per year and environmental factors such as stress, diet, UV exposure & disease can lead to pre-mature aging skin.

how to treat:


Wear Sunscreen no matter what

Researchers estimate that 80-90% of visible aging on the skin comes from UV exposure, so protecting your skin is key to preventing those pesky fine lines & wrinkles.

Our top pick: dynamic skin recovery spf 50

hand dispensing biolumin-c serum

Brighten + Firm + Defend

Enhance your skin’s natural defense system by incorporating crucial antioxidants that repair damaged cells and prevent oxidative stress from forming. Our ultra-stable Vitamin C fights off environmental stressors and the appearance of skin aging before it starts.

Our top pick: biolumin-c serum


Repair + Nourish

Stimulate collagen production and help repair pre-mature aging skin by adding hydration, smoothing fine lines and restoring elasticity. Our richest moisturizer also acts as a protective salve to fight extreme cold and dry environmental conditions and to heal the skin.

Our top pick: super rich repair

woman applying super rich repair
professional services

looking for an age fighting treatment?

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face mapping

get a personalized digital skin analysis

need skin care advice? chat with a skin therapist

Want to get serious about skin care but don’t know where to start? Our Professional Skin Therapists are ready to give you a personalized skin analysis and recommendation.