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power of pro skin: acne guide

acne + breakouts

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult acne affects more than 40 to 50 million Americans worldwide. There are five main factors that contribute to the formation of adult acne: overactive sebaceous glands, cell accumulation, bacteria, inflammation, and post-inflammatory pigmentation. An essential way to address acne concerns is to use a regimen that will target all five factors in order to see true changes in the skin.

how to treat:


start your routine with a double cleanse

Proper cleansing of the skin is the first key step in helping clear and prevent breakouts. Start with an oil-based cleanser which helps to dissolve makeup, sebum (aka oil), sunscreens, and environmental pollutants. Follow with an antibacterial cleanser that helps kill bacteria and reduces post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Our top pick: precleanse and clearing skin wash

woman applying retinol clearing oil

target + treat + prevent

Dermalogica’s Active Clearing line works to soothe active breakouts while minimizing current flare ups and preventing new breakouts from happening. When choosing your targeted treatment, make sure to stay consistent and give your skin time to heal.

Our top pick: age bright clearing serum


hydrate + protect

Acne is tricky. Sometimes skin can feel dry (lacking oil) and dehydrated (lacking water) when you're battling your breakouts. On the other hand, it may overproduce sebum (aka oil) to compensate for dryness and dehydration, so staying hydrated and protected is as essential to acne concerns as balancing excess oil production.

Our top pick: oil free matte spf30

oil free matte swatch
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