We pride ourselves in helping our customers find the right solutions for their skin. In furtherance of this goal, we offer our customers a free Face Mapping® tool designed to provide a personal skin assessment to help each customer discover products that target their most prominent skin concerns.

To use this free Face Mapping® tool, we ask customers to provide us with a real-time selfie image of their face. We use a combination of machine learning tools and statistical algorithms to perform facial analysis to generate a detailed report of the customer’s facial geometry and skin-related characteristics. In connection with this facial analysis, we disclose customer data, including the customer’s selfie image, to our trusted third-party partners who process this data strictly in accordance with our contractual agreements.

We analyze these detailed facial reports to provide each customer a customized product recommendation and skincare regimen designed to target their most prominent skin concerns. We also use and process the information to further develop future product and skincare recommendations as well as to improve the face and skin mapping tools, technologies and services. Other than disclosures to the third-party partners we use to support our Face Mapping tool, we do not use, disclose, sell or retain our customers’ facial geometry reports for any other commercial purpose. We will not use this face-related data for purposes of recognizing or identifying an individual customer.

We automatically delete and permanently destroy the facial geometry data we receive from our third-party partners and any other information used to represent a customer’s detailed facial geometry promptly after it is used for the purposes of providing that customer their personalized skincare recommendations, generally within a short period of time after it is collected. However, we continue to retain the customer’s selfie image and the results of each customer’s personal skin assessment for up to three years from the date of collection for purposes of quality control and the development and improvement of our Face Mapping tool and product recommendations.

Because we do not retain the facial geometry data after it is used for the purposes of providing each customer their personalized skincare recommendations, we will repeat the facial analysis described above each time a customer requests to view their previously provided skincare recommendations. 

For more information about our privacy practices and other personal information we may collect or process in connection with our platform, please visit our Privacy Notice.