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Winter skin prep: getting skin ready for cold weather

Hydrate and soothe away winter skin woes with these tips.

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Tight, itchy skin, cracked lips, dry patches–winter is coming. Winter chill can make our skin feel anything but chill. Harsh weather strips our skin’s natural protective barrier, leaving us vulnerable to irritants that dry and damage our skin. But with the right treatments + techniques, you can winter-proof your skin to keep it cool without feeling the cold.


Try this:


Back to Basics

When in doubt, stick with the essentials. Start your routine with a gentle, non-drying face wash like UltraCalming Cleanser. Then layer on the first of hydration with Hyaluronic Ceramide Mist and finish with a protective, smoothing moisturizer like Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50.



Targeted Treatments

For daily use, Circular Hydration Serum is your rebalancing go-to. For extra dry days, reach for Skin Hydrating Masque or Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque, both nourishing treatments that keep moisture sealed in all day.



Ready-to-go Routine

For a one-stop shop this winter, explore our ultra-nourishing UltraCalming collection.



Sleep Support

Wake up to renewed skin when you use Overnight Repair Serum, a barrier-strengthening peptide serum. In the morning, follow up with Super Rich Repair moisturizer for an extra boost of nourishment.



Body Care

Our body skin needs some TLC too. Start with the Conditioning Body Wash to gently cleanse skin, then use the Thermafoliant Body Scrub to slough off extra dead skin. Layer on Phyto Replenish Body Oil to replenish the skin barrier and finish with the Body Hydrating Cream to lock in nourishing moisture.



Don't Forget About Lips

Finish off your routine with a buttery, nourishing lip balm Renewal Lip Complex.