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Can one cleanser remove an entire day’s buildup?

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Story Highlights

  • Why cleansers and make-up removers are an essential step in your skin care routine

  • The best cleansers remove daily buildup without stripping your skin

  • Oil to Foam Total Cleanser is an effective, all-in-one make-up remover and cleanser


If the eyes are the windows to the soul, our faces are the doors to the world. Every day, our faces take on everything in our surroundings—starting with the make-up and sunscreen we apply before we leave the house and finishing with the (unfortunate) debris and pollutants we pick up along the way. You might already know that cleanser is the imperative first step in your skin care routine. And, if you’re a longtime Dermalogica fan, you already know how much we love the double cleanse. But what if you learned that there was a new cleanser in town — a single cleanser that could remove an entire day’s build-up? Keep reading to find out more about Oil to Foam Total Cleanser.


Why it’s important to cleanse?

Whether you’re a fan of a full face of make-up or you’re more of a “skinimalist,” our faces take on and acquire layers of buildup every single day. Think make-up, sunscreen, debris, excess sebum, and pollutants — so much ends up on our faces while we’re just out in the world living our lives. The best cleanser will help to remove these layers while nourishing the skin.


We’ve always been proponents of the double cleanse. As the name may suggest, this means cleansing the skin twice: first to remove make-up followed by a second cleanse to remove any remaining buildup. Oil-based cleansers are often used as a first step as they easily breakdown make-up and sunscreen. 


Twice as clean, half the time

Oil to Foam Total Cleanser is an all-in-one make-up remover and cleanser. This transformative oil to foam cleanser removes make-up, sunscreen, and debris while cleansing skin in just one step! The result? Ultra-clean, healthy-looking skin.

But just one step, you say? Impossible! Not so — one wash removes make-up, sunscreen, debris, excess sebum, and pollutants.* This face wash begins as a golden gel-oil, then transforms into a rich, cloud-like foam. Infused with Sea Buckthorn Oil, the gel-oil melts away layers of make-up, sebum (oil), and sunscreen. After a splash of water, the foam with its plant-derived prebiotic washes away debris and any remaining impurities. The result? Skin that’s ultra-clean, ultra-healthy, and instantly soft and smooth*.

Discover what it’s like to experience an all-in-one make-up remover and cleanser with Oil to Foam Total Cleanser, available at

*Based on independent clinical study results with 30 volunteers, one application.


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