When it comes to oily skin, it’s all about genetics.

But, when it comes to controlling excess oiliness and maintaining a matte finish, it’s all about a daily regimen with the right products for your skin.

Overactive sebaceous glands are the culprit of oily skin. This condition isn’t just for teens: oiliness can be triggered by genetics and hormone fluctuations, making even adults susceptible to excess oiliness and shine.

When it comes to oily skin, it’s all about genetics.

  • special cleansing gel

    special cleansing gel

    gentle foaming cleanser


  • precleanse


    oil-busting emulsifyer


  • multi-active toner

    multi-active toner

    hydrating, refreshing spritz


  • active moist

    active moist

    light, oil-free lotion


  • dermal clay cleanser

    dermal clay cleanser

    purifying, invigorating cleanser


  • skin prep scrub

    skin prep scrub

    refining power scrub


  • oil free matte spf30

    oil free matte spf30

    sheer, weightless shield


  • oil control lotion

    oil control lotion

    oil-absorbing hydrator


  • daily resurfacer

    daily resurfacer

    leave-on, brightening exfoliant


  • clearing mattifier

    clearing mattifier

    breakout-fighting shine control


  • gentle cream exfoliant

    gentle cream exfoliant

    super-smoothing masque


  • precleanse wipes

    precleanse wipes

    oil-busting emulsifyer


  • normal/oily skin kit

    normal/oily skin kit

    purify, balance, retexturize


    (70.50 value)

  • oily skin kit

    oily skin kit

    purify, treat, mattify


    (68.50 value)

  • skin purifying wipes

    skin purifying wipes

    quick-cleansing towelettes


  • skin refining masque

    skin refining masque

    clarifying, deep-cleansing clay