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Meet five Professional Skin Therapists who have experienced the Dermalogica difference.


Meet Julene

Portland, Oregon

Why did you choose Skin Therapy as your career?

I wanted to learn how to solve my own acne riddle. Dermalogica changed my skin, in less than a month, after I struggled with acne for over a decade. After working with the line for 15 years now, I have seen countless complexions greatly improved, even on clients who have been using another brand of professional skin care.

Why did you choose Dermalogica?

Dermalogica's commitment to the health and fitness of the skin is tangible; the evidence of healthier skin is quickly seen and felt. One of my favorite stories is of a young woman who broke out a week before her wedding. … We performed three MicroZone® treatments and her skin was flawless on her big day. For her, clear skin was the best wedding gift ever!

In your opinion, what sets Dermalogica apart from other brands?

In our ever-changing marketplace, we must keep up to date with science, ingredient technology, best practices, techniques and business skills. Dermalogica's education, along with the curriculums taught at IDI, are regularly updated and the best in the industry.

Meet Deborah

Columbus, Ohio

What difference has Dermalogica made in your business?

I have found that the training I have received from Dermalogica makes me superior in my field. I am able to quickly identify issues and also properly recommend the right products and skin treatments.

What is your favorite client experience with Dermalogica?

A client told me that she never felt younger or looked better and her skin was so soft after beginning her Dermalogica regimen. She even shared with me that she no longer stays in anymore, she's more active and has joined a gym and a yoga class. She's never been this confident! And this is only one client! I also had a 14 year old who never had clear skin before, and her mother had spent so much money on products which never provided her daughter with results. After giving her a Skin Treatment, I followed up 3 days later (as I always do!) and her mother said I should " on her insurance" and said the results were just so remarkable, that they would always be clients. I have so many stories of happy clients, I could go on all day. Thanks Dermalogica, you make me look good!!!

education first

Meet Jennifer

Kennebunk, Maine

How long have you been a Professional Skin Therapist?

I've been a Skin Therapist for 7 years and my only regret is I didn't start this sooner. I love my job and this industry.

What is your favorite class and why?

My favorite class is the Wildly Creative Treatments. I feel like a little chemist in my treatment room, I love it! The Dermalogica staff are friendly, helpful and well educated.

What do you love most about Dermalogica?

I love the education that is available. I love the people. I love the products. I have taken almost all the classes that have been offered over the years and every time I leave, I leave learning something new. You always keep me on my toes. I know as long as we have Dermalogica I will continue furthering my knowledge on the latest in skin care.

Meet Lorryn

South Amboy, New Jersey

What made you decide to go into Skin Care?

My story is quite simple, I have a passion for skin and didn't realize how important it was to me until a few years ago when I decided to do a career change and jump into skin care. I strive to be an intellectual force and find educating those around me to be just as important as the skin care regimen you place in their hands.

Why Dermalogica?

For me, Dermalogica was truly a life saver. I never had beautiful skin until my friend, a fellow Skin Therapist, started me on a Dermalogica regimen. It opened my eyes to how important taking care of your skin was as well as understanding the ingredients in your products. Now that I have flawless skin, I understand the confidence it gives a person. I love that my career allows people to feel confident and good about themselves when they walk out of my skin treatment room. That to me, is what makes me strive to be the best and most educated skin therapist that I can be.

education first
education first

Meet Razia

Blackburn, England

Why did you select dermalogica for your skin center?

I was drawn to the company by my gut instinct and took on the full order. My sister and I went to Derby and began our training on our new product line. It was a hit straight away. One of the key sellers was Intensive Moisture Balance which was a good product to sell alongside laser hair removal, especially on a drier skin. To have clients who are going through problems similar to myself when I was growing up motivated me to give my ultimate best.

Meet Regina

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

How long have you been a Professional Skin Therapist?

This year, 2013, marks my 10 year anniversary as a Skin Therapist. Thanks to Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute, I have developed an unbridled passion for this industry.

What is your biggest accomplishment as a Professional Skin Therapist?

In less than a year, with the support from my Salon and my Dermalogica Business Consultant I not only completed the Dermalogica Expert Program but earned my Postgraduate certification from the King of Prussia International Dermal Institute with a successful score of 93% thanks to the skillful instruction at that center. I have grown leaps and bounds by becoming a Dermalogica Expert. Thank you!

education first
education first

Meet Erica

Riverside, California

What has made the biggest difference in your career as a Professional Skin Therapist?

I have been trained the Dermalogica way and taking classes at the International Dermal Institute has made a difference in my performance as a Skin Therapist. The trainers and the environment at the International Dermal Institute continue to drive my passion for skin care.