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mediBac clearing skin kit

regimen for consistently clear skin

This kit helps treat, clear and prevent the triggers that lead to breakouts. Use morning and night to help maintain consistently clear, healthy skin.Learn More

This kit helps treat, clear and prevent the triggers that lead to breakouts.Learn More

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mediBac clearing skin kit

This helps treat, clear and prevent the triggers that lead to breakouts. Use morning and night to help maintain consistently clear, healthy skin. Contains Clearing Skin Wash 1.7 oz (foaming, breakout-clearing cleanser), Sebum Clearing Masque 0.75 oz (purifying, refining gel), Overnight Clearing Gel 0.5 oz (clearing, purifying treatment), Oil Free Matte SPF30 0.24 oz (sheer, weightless shield).
Although there is no standard for establishing a gluten-free designation for topical skin care products, independent laboratory testing confirms that this formula surpasses the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) ingestible standards and can therefore be considered gluten-free.
Formulated without animal-derived ingredients
Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors
no artificial fragrances and colors
Formulated without Parabens
Certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and PETA


  • Helps treat, clear and prevent adult breakouts while addressing the needs of adult skin.
  • Each product is designed to be layered upon the skin to provide around-the-clock control of breakouts.

how to use

Lather Clearing Skin Wash in wet hands and apply to dampened face and throat, avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. One to two times a week: Apply Sebum Clearing Masque to face and throat, avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly after 7-10 minutes with warm water. At night after cleansing, apply a thin layer of Overnight Clearing Gel all over cleansed face or affected areas and allow to absorb. Finish off by moisturizing with Oil Free Matte SPF30 to hydrate while reducing shine.

quick tip

Use your MediBac Clearing Treatment Kit morning and night, or as prescribed by your professional skin therapist.


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part of medibac clearing product system

Clearer skin starts now: bring the four contributing factors of acne under control.

learn more

mediBac clearing®

Clearer skin starts now: bring the four contributing factors of acne under control.

The MediBac Clearing® system works to treat, clear and prevent adult acne while addressing the needs of adult skin. Most products and treatments for acne are designed for teenage skin, making them too harsh and irritating for adult acne sufferers. MediBac Clearing® controls acne without compromising skin’s integrity, which means skin is clearer and healthier.

how it works

Dermalogica’s MediBac Clearing® system is formulated specifically to treat adult acne. Each product, with its unique acne-fighting and clearing ingredients, is designed to be layered upon the skin to provide around-the-clock, maximum control of the main factors that contribute to acne.

I would buy certain products in this kit again


I have been using the medibac clearing kit for about 3 weeks and I've come to a conclusion Special cleansing gel- make me feel cleansed but can really dry out your skin so make sure to moisture The sebum masque - you have to apple a fair amount and it gives a firerey feel to your skin , I couldn't really tell what it was doing for the long term but for short term it made me feel very clean Oil control lotion - this kinda worked , it was my favourite product it's just felt like a moisturiser Overnight clearing gel - this is my absolute favourite product this worked like a treat , i also use it during the day , one day I saw that two spots appeared I put a thin layer of the gel and it was decreased in a few hours , I will definitely be purchasing the full size version of the overnight clearing gel . I'd also suggest going into a store near you as they give free sashays if you don't want to buy the full product and they are very friendly and suggest what's best for your skin



amazing product


I am 14 years old and have a very oily and acne prone T-zone. For the past 2 years i have been trying anything i can to clear my skin. I tried this kit and about 2 months later my skin was clearer than it had ever been in 2 years! It worked wonders for my skin and i would definitely recommend it.



I would definitely purchase this product again


Didn't expect to have such an amazing outcome when I first decided to give this product a try. My skin has improved a lot after just one week using this product line, smoother, less breakouts, less oily. Thank you so much Dermalogica!!!



Great product!


Love the actual products! Honestly no complains at all on the products. The one thing is, the bottles are TINY and it's pricey!

McKinney Texas


Amazing products


Best skincare products I've used for breakouts and acne prone skin. It has reduced existing breakouts and prevented further breakouts from happening. Continuous use is definitely a must on this to keep the effect.

Manchester, UK


Irritated skin and no positive results


I used this product and over the course of a week and did not have good results. The salicylic acid found in this product caused my sensitive skin to become irritated, itchy, and my acne become worse. I suffer from adult and hormonal acne and was looking for something powerful to help control it, this was not it.

Mesa, AZ


Definitely Will (And Have) Buy Again


I took this set with me while on vacation. I had broken out prior to my trip and thought I could clear it up. By the time I came back, my skin was on the road to recovery. I still had a few, and new, pimples, but it wasn't as bad as when I left. My favorite is the sebum clearing masque (my kit, fortunately, came with it). I'll put it on while studying and my skin feels so clean afterwards. It dries up my white heads nicely. The oil control lotion did exactly as advertised. The overnight clearing gel is alright. Truth be told, I haven't used it as often as the other products. As for the cleanser, I ended up buying the full size one from Ulta (it replaced my Neutrogena Naturals face washes). Please, please don't use it everyday. My skin is sensitive so I use this kit for the majority of my skin care routine, but not for everything. The salicylic acid can be a little too much sometimes.



The worst thing I have tried


I figured with me being 27 that acne should not play as big of a role as it does which is why I decided to try this kit. I have oily/acne prone skin and lately the acne has been the bigger problem. I have been using the medibac kit for a little over a month now and my skin looks terrible. The first 2 or 3 days my skin cleared up nicely and I was so excited but it was literally overnight on day 4 that I woke up with my face COVERED in acne. I had even developed several cystic under the skin acne spots on my cheeks, chin, and forehead-extremely painful! It has consistently gotten worse from that first week on through today. Nothing seems to be getting better and all the acne spots seem to be taking FOREVER to heal. (I still have some of the first original breakouts from 4 weeks ago) I heard of skin purging but this is soooo extreme and has gone on for sooo long with no relief or end in sight. I've never been one who had to deal with acne like this before so I'm really praying all of these don't result in scars. I'm also the type of woman that rarely wears makeup-honestly I only needed to on occasion-so that is not a contributing factor since I haven't worn a spec of it since before starting the kit. My skin is super sensitive now to the point that using just the facial cleanser stings/burns the existing acne and my skin is beginning to peel in random places on my face. I don't know what else to do. I want to give it more time to see if it will work for me but it's looking like this is ruining my skin.

Beaumont, TX




This product has helped clear my skin with regular use. I've had adult acne since I've been 23 and nothing else has worked. - The face wash is great - Overnight gel is easy, light and helps clear the skin. - Masque & Oil control lotion last all day and make the skin look much better i.e even and beautiful!!



I would buy this product again


Great for beginners. I'm 15 and I knew nothing about skincare but wanted to clear up the scars and prevent pimples. This is great. It takes some time but worth it.

San Diego, CA



4.0 183


Hi, I am deciding between this kit and the Clear Start Kit. I am 20 years old and have normal/oily skin, I am currently suffering from acne mainly on my forehead and on my cheeks. It tends to come with hormonal issues but has been a problem for a while now. Is this the best kit to use or should I consider the Clear Start Kit instead?


Hello , Thank you for your interest in Dermalogica. You can still use Clear Start. Kind Regards, Bernadette


hello im 16. and currently have really bad hormonal acne, would this product suit my skin?


Hello, Thank you for your interest in Dermalogica. Try the Clear Start Kit instead. Kind Regards, Bernadette


Hi I'm 18 almost 19 , i have very oily skin, blackheads all over my skin but mostly my nose and I'm very break out prone would you recommend this product and how long on average would it last if used according to directions


Hello, Thank you for your interest in Dermalogica. This kit lasts 3-4 weeks. You may benefit more from the Clear Start Kit, however. Kind Regards, Bernadette


My skin is very sensitive and I break out easily. I also have naturally oily skin. What products would you recommend for my skin? As I'm worried some may be too harsh / drying for me.


Hello, Thank you for your interest in Dermalogica. Try Clearing Skin Wash, Multi Active Toner and Calm Water Gel. Kind Regards, Bernadette


Is it okay for me to use black african soap before applying any of these items?


Hello, Thank you for your interest in Dermalogica. For best results, use the kit exclusively to start. Kind Regards, Bernadette


Can I use this whilst on Roaccutane and does it help with scarring and pigmentation or just acne?


Hello, Thank you for your interest in Dermalogica. Always check with your doctor about prescription counter indications. That being said, while on accutane, please do not use MediBac since it does contain exfoliants. Once you are done with the accutane, you can use brightening exfoliants to treat the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. For texture scars, lasers are the best options. In the meantime, you can use Special Cleansing Gel, Multi Active Toner, Active Moist and SPF to keep your skin clean and nourished. Kind Regards, Bernadette


Hello, I'm 24 years old and have acne on my forehead, cheeks, and chin. I also have some on the sides of my face and along my jaw line. I do get whiteheads and blackheads. My face is also very oily. Will the mediBac kit be okay to use on my skin?


Hello, Thank you for your interest in Dermalogica. Yes this kit can be very beneficial to you! Kind Regards, Bernadette


Hi there, I'm 24 and I've been struggling with severe adult acne (mostly cystic) for a few months now so I thought I'd try out this kit to see how my skin goes with your products. However, could you recommend a regime just in case something might be better for myself? I have combination skin and the cystic acne is just on my jawline and cheeks. I'm currently on antibiotics but, they haven't seen to have much of an improvement. Thanks so much!


Hello, Thank you for your interest in Dermalogica! The MediBac kit would be a good choice for your skin. We recommend also adding MultiActive Toner and Calm Water Gel to keep your skin hydrated and not let it become sensitized. Thank you, The Education Team


I am 41 and have breakouts on my chin and neck, these are deep and painful and I have been prescribed lymecyline. Which of your products are suitable for my skin concern also including anti age?


Hello, Thank you for your interest in Dermalogica. Try Special Cleansing Gel, Antioxidant Hydramist and Active Moist. Kind Regards, Bernadette


Hi, I have this kit at the moment. Have been using the wash and lotion in the morning and the gel at night. With the mask being done twice a week. Is this correct? Should I be using the lotion and wash at night too?


Hello, Thank you for your interest in Dermalogica. It sounds correct, but be sure to cleanse and use Overnight Clearing Gel at night. Kind Regards, Bernadette


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