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exfoliating face brush

deep-cleansing bristles

Ultra-gentle brush to enhance cleansing. Use with your prescribed Dermalogica Cleanser or Clean Bar to gently exfoliate dulling surface debris and impurities for effective cleansing.Learn More

Ultra-gentle brush to enhance cleansing.Learn More

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exfoliating face brush

This ultra-gentle brush works with your prescribed Dermalogica Cleanser or Clean Bar to gently exfoliate dulling surface debris and impurities for effective cleansing. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.


  • Enhances action of Dermalogica Cleansers.
  • Gently exfoilates to remove dulling debris.
  • Hygienic, quick-drying nylon bristles.

how to use

Wet Exfoliating Face Brush. Apply a pea-sized amount of prescribed Dermalogica Cleanser to skin. Using a circular motion, gently massage over entire face. Rinse well in tepid water and allow to air dry.

quick tip

Adds a level of physical exfoliation to your Dermalogica Cleanser!


Hygienic, quick drying nylon bristles.

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The brush is too soft. It was misrepresented.


Too soft, doesn't clean skin well.

orange county, ca


Cut my face


I was excited to see that Dermalogica is embracing be use of a brush. For daily exfoliation....but, I found the bristles to be pretty rough and they actually cut my face. Given that the brush is composed of synthetic bristles, I definitely don't think it's worth any where near what is charged. You can buy similar brushes for MUCH cheaper at any drug store. I welcome the invention of a daily scrub brush but would recommend a high quality silicone.

Chilliwack , BC




I don't see the results yet, I just started using it. it is very soft, works in circular motions.



I would recommend this product


This face brush has very soft bristles. I use it almost daily with my facial cleanser. it is a good way to exfoliate gently while cleansing. For a little more intense exfoliation I would stick with the other dermalogica products and skip the brush.



Just what I was looking for


I was looking for a facial brush to help exfoliate but not scratch my skin. This is a nice soft brush and it does just what I need it to

Milwaukee, WI


Helps remove flakes


Keeps my skin clear of flakes, feels great too! I highly recommend

Boston, MA, USA


super deep cleaning!


this brush is awesome and takes exfoliating to another level!



Deep Cleansing!


This product cleanses deep into your skin and gets bacteria and dirt out of your skin while washing your face. It is my go to exfoliating brush.



scrub a dub


brush is great! it doesn't exfoliate as well as the mitt that comes with the smoothing cream moisturizer, but it exfoliates better than the daily microfoliant. It's gentle enough that it wont irritate your skin, and it has quite soft bristles. So, if you need something strong, go with the skin prep scrub or the gray rubber mitt, otherwise this is the best item for you.

Grand Junction, CO, USA


Great Face Brush


I use this brush every morning and evening with my facial cleanser and it works really well. I wanted a product that would allow me to stop spreading oils from my hands to my face while getting a deep cleanse. It works so well and it has helped in clearing my face.




4.1 21


I am currently using the ultra calming cleanser as I have very sensitive skin. But I thought of purchasing this brush to see if my face will get cleansed better and more clean. I find that the cleanser doesn't seem to really get my face clean enough. But I'm skeptical with using the brush since my skin is so sensitive. And I also read a review with someone saying it burned and irritated her skin. I've used an electric face brush and that was a bad idea because my skin felt irritated afterwards and during. I don't use any exfoliaters because of the reaction I might have. Would you recommend this brush for me or what else can you suggest I use to get more of a deep clean? I'm looking more on the lines of a brush or some kind of cleansing cloth.


Hi there, Thank you for your interest in Dermalogica. If you have sensitive skin, you may prefer using the Sponge Clothe to cleanse your skin. It is a cleansing accessory that helps to clean your skin without being abrasive. Kind Regards, Bernadette

How often should I replace my Dermalogica brush? I keep it clean and let it air dry, but I feel like eventually I should buy a new one. I love this brush! I use my brush with multiple Dermalogica cleansers including: skin resurfacing cleanser, the medibac cleanser, the special cleansing gel, and the dermal clay cleanser. Thank you!


Hello, Thank you for your interest in Dermalogica. You can replace the brush as needed. It lasts quite long and is bacteria resistant.

What am I doing wrong !: I just used this brush for the first time, my face is hurting so much I feel like i have had a strong peel ? especially around my nose and mouth. I cant find any bad reviews so I must be using it incorrectly ? I was very gentle and the brush felt nice on my skin except when the end of the bristles poked me


Hello, Thank you for your question. Can you please elaborate as to which cleanser you used with The Exfoliating Face Brush? Kind Regards, The Dermalogica Team


how can i clean my dermalogica face brush?


Thank you inquiry. We recommend washing you face brush once a week with antibacterial soap and letting it air dry. You may put it in the dishwasher if you feel it need to be sanitized further. letting the face brush air dry after every use will prevent bacteria from building up in the first place. -The Dermalogica Team


4.0 21 5 1