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all things eye care

The eye area is among the thinnest, most delicate skin on our bodies, which means it is more susceptible and more likely to show signs of aging and skin damage. For these reasons, the skin surrounding the eyes has its own specific means of care depending on its various needs.

In this guide, you'll learn which Dermalogica eye treatments are right for you based on their benefits.

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which eye treatment
is right for me?

Model puts on Awaken Peptide Eye Gel
awaken peptide eye gel

puffiness + fine lines and wrinkles

Energize puffy eyes with our newly hydrating gel, which helps to visibly improve the eye area and supports more radiant, healthy-looking skin.


  • • Visibly firms and smooths skin texture
  • • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • • Reduces the appearance of puffiness around the eye
BioluminC Eye in hand

dull skin + uneven pigmentation

Give your eyes a boost: BioLumin-C Eye Serum re-energizes the skin around the eyes with Vitamin C to dramatically brighten and visibly firm the eye area.


  • + Brightens the eye area with a boost of Vitamin C
  • + Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • + Exfoliates and hydrates for smooth, healthy-looking skin
Stress positive eye lift applied by model

dark circles + stressed eyes

Whether you're low on sleep, battling allergies, or just plain stressed, Stress Positive Eye Lift is our top pick for dark circles, hydration, and brightening to reduce the visible signs of stress.


  • + Firms skin to help generate a lifting effect
  • + Hydrates and enhances skin elasticity
  • + Brightens the appearance of dark under-eye circles
intensive eye repair product cream

fine dehydration lines

Perfect for reducing the look of fine lines associated with dehydration, Intensive Eye Repair is loaded with phytonutrients and Vitamins A,C, and E to shield the delicate eye area against environmental damage.


  • + Firms skin to help generate a lifting effect
  • + Visibly de-puffs the under-eye area
  • + Brightens the appearance of dark under-eye circles
Model applies age reversal eye complex

wrinkles + crow's feet

Combat the appearance of premature sign of aging with Age Reversal Eye Complex. It's microencapsulated Retinol technology works overnight to smooth the appearance of wrinkles and crow's feet.


  • + Diminishes the appearance of fine lines
  • + Infuses skin with critical hydration
  • + Helps repair signs of photoaging and defends against further damage

sagging skin and fine lines

Firm the appearance of lines and wrinkles: MultiVitamin Power Firm is formulated with powerful skin-fortifying antioxidants to protect and repair.


  • + Increases skin resilience and firmness
  • + Protects against moisture loss to help minimize fine dryness lines
  • + Shields against free radicals to help prevent environmental stress
Total eye care SPF15 light brown cream

sun damage

Prevent and repair sun damage in one step! Total Eye Care with SPF15 protects skin against daily damage and helps conceal dark circles.


  • + Chemical-free SPF helps prevent UV damage
  • + Helps reduce puffiness and fine lines
  • + Optical light diffusers help minimize dark circles
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