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Product Use


  • active moist

    active moist

    light, oil-free lotion


  • after sun repair

    after sun repair

    super-cooling balm


  • age reversal eye complex

    age reversal eye complex

    potent retinol cream


  • age smart kit

    age smart kit

    regimen for smoother, healthier skin


    (86.00 value)

  • antioxidant hydramist

    antioxidant hydramist

    refreshing antioxidant shield


  • barrier repair

    barrier repair

    shielding, protective moisturizer


  • body hydrating cream

    body hydrating cream

    conditioning skin smoother


  • breakout clearing kit

    breakout clearing kit

    clear breakouts on the go


  • C-12 pure bright serum

    C-12 pure bright serum

    potent skin brightening treatment


  • charcoal rescue masque

    charcoal rescue masque

    all-in-one, detoxifying treatment


  • clean bar

    clean bar

    soap-free cleansing bar


  • clearing mattifier

    clearing mattifier

    breakout-fighting shine control


  • clearing skin wash

    clearing skin wash

    breakout clearing foam


  • climate control lip treatment

    climate control lip treatment

    therapeutic, soothing balm


  • concealing spot treatment

    concealing spot treatment

    tinted breakout minimizer


  • conditioning body wash

    conditioning body wash

    soap-free cleanser


  • daily clean scrub

    daily clean scrub

    dual-action exfoliating cleanser


  • daily cleansing shampoo

    daily cleansing shampoo

    sulfate-free hair wash


  • daily conditioning rinse

    daily conditioning rinse

    moisturizing hair conditioner


  • daily defense spf15

    daily defense spf15

    multi-tasking UV protection


  • daily microfoliant

    daily microfoliant

    gentle, brightening polisher


  • daily resurfacer

    daily resurfacer

    leave-on, brightening exfoliant


  • dermal clay cleanser

    dermal clay cleanser

    purifying, invigorating cleanser


  • dry skin kit

    dry skin kit

    replenish, nourish, regenerate


    (67.00 value)

  • dynamic skin recovery spf50

    dynamic skin recovery spf50

    firming, emollient moisturizer


  • essential cleansing solution

    essential cleansing solution

    creamy, nourishing cleanser


  • exfoliating face brush

    exfoliating face brush

    deep-cleansing bristles


  • extra firming booster

    extra firming booster

    firming, restoring


  • gentle cream exfoliant

    gentle cream exfoliant

    super-smoothing masque


  • gentle soothing booster

    gentle soothing booster

    calming, healing


  • hydrablur primer

    hydrablur primer

    hydrating, smoothing primer


  • hydro-active mineral salts

    hydro-active mineral salts

    softening soak/scrub


  • intensive eye repair

    intensive eye repair

    replenishing eye cream


  • intensive moisture balance

    intensive moisture balance

    nourishing antioxidant cream


  • invigorating shave gel

    invigorating shave gel

    lightweight shave gel


  • MAP-15 regenerator

    MAP-15 regenerator

    concentrated vitamin delivery


  • mediBac clearing skin kit

    mediBac clearing skin kit

    regimen for consistently clear skin


    (81.00 value)

  • meet dermalogica kit

    meet dermalogica kit


    (72.50 value)

  • multi-active toner

    multi-active toner

    hydrating, refreshing spritz


  • multivitamin hand and nail treatment

    multivitamin hand and nail treatment

    non-greasy repair and relief


  • multivitamin power firm

    multivitamin power firm

    smoothing vitamin complex


  • multivitamin power recovery masque

    multivitamin power recovery masque

    nutrient-rich rescue


  • multivitamin power serum

    multivitamin power serum

    microencapsulated vitamin serum


  • multivitamin thermafoliant

    multivitamin thermafoliant

    heat-activated scrub


  • normal/dry skin kit

    normal/dry skin kit

    hydrate, balance, restore


    (66.00 value)

  • normal/oily skin kit

    normal/oily skin kit

    purify, balance, retexturize


    (70.50 value)

  • oil control lotion

    oil control lotion

    oil-absorbing hydrator


  • oil free matte spf30

    oil free matte spf30

    sheer, weightless shield


  • oily skin kit

    oily skin kit

    purify, treat, mattify


    (68.50 value)

  • overnight clearing gel

    overnight clearing gel

    clearing, purifying treatment


  • overnight repair serum

    overnight repair serum

    intense revitalizing treatment


  • overnight retinol repair

    overnight retinol repair

    concentrated customizable treatment


  • phyto replenish oil

    phyto replenish oil

    luminous, hydrating treatment


  • post-shave balm

    post-shave balm

    redness reducing antidote


  • powerbright trx treatment kit

    powerbright trx treatment kit

    skin brightening trio


    (59.00 value)

  • power rich

    power rich

    potent firming cream


  • precleanse


    oil-busting emulsifyer


  • precleanse wipes

    precleanse wipes

    oil-busting emulsifyer


  • pure light spf50

    pure light spf50

    advanced Broad Spectrum moisturizer


  • pure night

    pure night

    nourishing overnight treatment cream


  • redness relief primer spf20

    redness relief primer spf20

    redness-reducing primer


  • renewal lip complex

    renewal lip complex

    conditioning treatment balm


  • sebum clearing masque

    sebum clearing masque

    breakout preventing clay


  • shave system kit

    shave system kit

    prep, shave, protect


  • sheer tint spf20

    sheer tint spf20

    lightly tinted moisturizer


  • skin hydrating booster

    skin hydrating booster

    intensely moisturizing concentrate


  • skin hydrating masque

    skin hydrating masque

    refreshing, cooling gel


  • skinperfect primer spf30

    skinperfect primer spf30

    illuminating make-up prep


  • skin prep scrub

    skin prep scrub

    refining power scrub


  • skin purifying wipes

    skin purifying wipes

    quick-cleansing towelettes


  • skin refining masque

    skin refining masque

    clarifying, deep-cleansing clay


  • skin renewal booster

    skin renewal booster

    smoothing, renewing


  • skin resurfacing cleanser

    skin resurfacing cleanser

    smoothing exfoliating cleanser


  • skin smoothing cream

    skin smoothing cream

    medium-weight moisturizer


  • solar defense booster spf50

    solar defense booster spf50

    customizable spf defense


  • soothing eye make-up remover

    soothing eye make-up remover

    super gentle gel


  • soothing shave cream

    soothing shave cream

    ultra-lubricating cream


  • special cleansing gel

    special cleansing gel

    gentle foaming cleanser


  • special clearing booster

    special clearing booster

    topical breakout treatment


  • stress relief treatment oil

    stress relief treatment oil

    aromatic body treatment


  • super rich repair

    super rich repair

    super-concentrated moisturizer


  • the sponge cloth

    the sponge cloth

    super gentle cloth


  • the ultimate buffing cloth

    the ultimate buffing cloth

    invigorating, exfoliating towel


  • total eye care with spf15

    total eye care with spf15

    brightening, smoothing protection


  • travel essentials kit

    travel essentials kit


  • ultracalming cleanser

    ultracalming cleanser

    gentle cleansing cream


  • ultracalming mist

    ultracalming mist

    soothing, cooling spritz


  • ultracalming serum concentrate

    ultracalming serum concentrate

    sensitized skin antidote


  • ultracalming skin kit

    ultracalming skin kit

    cool, soothe and restore


    (53.50 value)

  • ultra sensitive tint spf30

    ultra sensitive tint spf30

    tinted, soothing SPF moisturizer


  • ultrasmoothing eye serum

    ultrasmoothing eye serum

    firming, gentle eye treatment